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Global University is Global Reach: Providing Systematic Training for Every Believer at No Cost.

GLOBALreach.org has evangelism, discipleship, and training resources in multiple languages at no cost. These courses provide sound teaching in the Word of God and are the basis for biblical training in many countries around the world.

Every month, thousand of courses are downloaded by believers in over 170 countries. These courses are used by individuals, small groups, Sunday School classes, Bible schools, and by pastors and lay-people. And all these believers have one goal in mind: to increase their own knowledge and understanding of the Word of God.

Most courses are available as printable documents. We encourage you to make as many copies as you would like! Some courses are also available in audio or video formats.

Please contact Global University for resources in over 120 languages or for information on how to start a Study Center for Evangelism and Discipleship in your church or home today!

For more information, call Global University’s Center for Evangelism and Discipleship at 1-800-443-1083.